Applewood Pellet Product Description

  • No ARTIFICIAL Flavors Or Wood Blends | We Keep Our Wood Pellets Pure. No Artificial Flavors Or Mixing With Other Wood Chips. The Unique Applewood Flavor As All-Natural And Makes For The Perfect Fuel And Smoking Pellets!
  • From The Orchard To Your Grill | Our Sustainably Sourced Trees Are Cut, Chipped, And Turned Into Wood Pellets Within Days.   Environmental Sustainability Is One Of Our Key Priorities. Logged Responsibly, All Harvested Trees Are Replanted Right After, For Future Generations To Enjoy. All Pellets Are Packed In Tear-Resistant Bags To Keep Your Wood Pellets Fresh—Ready For When You Use Your Pellet Grill-Straight From The Orchard!
  • Light, Sweeter Smoke Flavor | A Light, Sweeter Smoke Flavor Which Pairs Deliciously With Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Vegetables, Seafood, And Desserts. Enhancing Your Favorite Dishes With Fantastic Flavors Has Never Been This Easy!
  • Because Premium Quality Matters | From The Cut Of Our Wood Pellets To Prevent Blockages Within Your Pellet Grill, To The Sensational Taste Of Authentic Flavor, We Only Deliver Products We’re Proud Of. Perfectly Optimized For The ASMOKE Pellet Grill Line